Talk To Me

Words spoken in the distance.

For the sake,

Of the children,

For the sake,

Of sanity,

For the lover in me,

To connect with the lover in you.

Talk to me,

Lessen your load,

Let’s have a conversation ,

There are so many stories yet untold.

Overheard words

Create pathways to distress,

Like a tired driver wearily on his way home,

The head falls towards the chest,

Abruptly things stop,

Despite the safety in place,

The journey has already been set

Distances between home and heart,

Create pathways to distress.

Words spoken in the distance,


Hour long conversations,

Given depth by content and time,

Filled with laughter and agreement,

With everyone’s ears but mine?

My ears crave the movement of your lips,

In their direction,

Offering aid, distributing a foreigner’s relief.

It appears I am no longer self-sufficient,

Instead, I live only to need, to thirst,

The you that is a hidden spring,

Your words, a thundering waterfall,

Quenching the drought ridden badlands within.

I question myself with each tick of time,

What is so wrong with the ‘I’ that I have become?

Where are the fault lines,

That prevent foundations from being built?

Where is the coastline that is being eroded away,

With no hope of survival or saviour?

Show me the scars, signposts of the removal of the qualities,

You no longer can find in me.

Show me your reasons.

Give me the understanding of your sufferings.

Talk to me. (repeat for performance)

Look at me!

These words I speak.

Words spoken in the distance,


Now, not only by me

With a tearing soul

And tears in my eyes,

From still rivers which run deep,

Talk to me.

© Simon Bucknor

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2 Comments on “Talk To Me”

  1. donnab Says:


    I love this one! It really spoke to me! I will continue to read through them and post me comments.


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