Is love to be lived?
With all the pain and hurt?
The tears that drift towards the soil
Like a losers spirit dwindles
Dying candle
Spilt Wax
Shall we freely give our hearts away
To friends strangers and lost loved
Burnt out lights bulb,
Shattered glass,
Is there to be heated encounters
And frozen glances when they pass
The two,
Lovers, passionate enemies
They lived love,
Did someone say something?
For my ears have drawn the blinds.
Cold steel bullets,
Thoughts are turned to corridors of closed doors
No more questions
No love in me
Life lost?

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3 Comments on “Special”

  1. Jingle Says:

    playful and beautiful words.

  2. Olivia Says:


    Greetings, friend! How r u?
    I sincerely invite you to join us for a Monday Poetry Potluck party, bring in 1 to 3 poems to share, let our fellow poets read and encourage your creative work, and have fun reading other poets from our list and discover fresh friendship as well!
    This is only once a week opportunity, your talent and hard work deserve attention, I encourage you to sign in and follow our blog so that you get the most updated information about our other features….
    Hurry up, the more you share, the happier we are.
    Hope to see you at our party soon!
    to link in, click on the link via this comment from above, then look at the blue link button at the end of the post, click on the button, have your poem link copy and pasted in the first box, then enter your name, then, your email address…let us know if you need help by leaving a comment under the same post…

  3. Olivia Says:

    Intense and deep My Dear.. very well penned!!
    Happy Monday

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