Enough is Enough

Time waits for no man,

Life is lived when evil disguises herself as love or when disdain shrouds himself in a cloak of friendship, they will always reveal themselves in what they do, how they think, how they talk to you and a million of other ways. At some times we can be so desperate that to be loved and to give love that we not only don’t see through the disguises but even when we do we choose to ignore the truth that is beyond any explanation of difference of perception, culture, upbringing etc etc – How often do we accept harmful treatment, devastating relationships and general negative situations to be a recurring them in our lives when we have a clear idea of what should actually be happening?? Let today be the day when we all treat ourselves a little bit better, excuse ourselves from abusive relationships and negative situations, remove ourselves from the comfort of self pity, and stand on our own, if no one else will stand with us in true love or friendship. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – I encourage you all as I continually encourage myself – 2011 is going to be another great year of positive changes, even if they hurt! Peace and Love

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