Safely Inside

Thunder and tears roll

Heartbeat quickens

The wind howls and the windows tease

removal of protection

I can see the danger 

the glass, allows my eyes to gaze

through my own fear, 

into a world enticing me to leave my safe, warm, position of comfort hugged by my false beliefs of safety

Safely inside

my life escapes me

and my dreams pass me by

calling me by name and being ignored

disrespected they travel faster and faster

their voice quieter and quieter.

If I could leave me and see me

If I could elevate my sight to see in the same glance now and next

If I could hear the story my children will tell theirs

my choices would be easier to make

and the windows I stare through would be doorways or walls

And choices would be decisions

And dreams would be tales for telling for laughter at parties and in long car journeys.

Yet I am here, safely inside

Falsely warmed by comfort

protected from life by life’s lies


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