Showered with love, your lips sing falsehoods, of imaginary existence,
Made Royal without cause, reason nor heritage,
Investing in a future to which no sane eye will allow its tongue to bear witness,
Stood, half armoured, slowly, becoming full with realisation birthing knowledge,
Wholly at the behest of your swords might,
I, As so many before,
Suddenly culminate in that moment,
At my core a hunger for other than it is,
My voice’s finger lets it be known by those who these words see,
Frail hope, disappointment and fear,
And release.
Though you may become a witness to tears,
I urge you from a protected heart to see my ‘why’,
Before you wipe my tears
In love or hatred
Simply your decision making place’s pick of any self-benefitting cause,
In an act that should be natural,
Power volcanically simplistic embroidered with silk,
Causing respect or comfort or
Simply my hearts pick of any reachable emotion
To flow
To change all,
A tattoo indellable beyond future efforts,
Beyond the mischievous hands of humanity itself,

Unfinished – not entirely sure where this one is leading me but i intend yo follow like young cub between the legs of its mother and hope im not in the way.

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