Lost Hope

It takes seconds for a ship to sink,

best laid plans laid to rest on the ocean floor,

lives lost as drowned bodies float, then sink

best laid plans laid to rest on the ocean floor,


You give to me without reason I see,

Nor hope of return or refund,

Gifting me with you,

Whether aware or by default,

I am blessed as you weave a web I do not understand,

But find awesomely amazing,

So I gaze, while you are here and I gaze while you are far,

You present with a sweetened tongue,

A curl of the lip, a glistening in the eye,

With a smile that creates a yearning for your presence,

So truly I am left bemused, on the dock of loves bay

Wasting time, watching time float away,

Listening to messages I cannot read,

fading excitement remains for reason only the souls keeper knows,

You shower me with melodies,

With names and titles and labels and honours,

As those that adorned the Christ as he wore proudly his thorny crown,

Yet I am not more than a mere man,

With ears that connect to a heart that connects to these lips and theses eyes,

Raising and lowering, flooding and bring drought,

The cause?

Your words, your words,

The dual edged words you slash with as your mind appears to justify your attacks feigning ignorance,

Your words

These droplets of life that here amount to no more than an abuse of the life I am,

A full and complete disrespecting of the movement, the flow

My wave that slaps playfully at your feet,

Seeking your attention,


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