Not sure ….

Stare in my eyes,
That help many and reveal the truth is there for you to say for me to see,
Will I walk and you stand?
Will you fight the fear?
Or will I be forced to bow to the pressure of your
Heal, and
Flee, from
Our mouths
When we would rather them stay
But these things,
Because we are human,
Because we are living lives and being watched,
When we prefer to watch and ignore that we are alive,
Live, in the flesh,
Lies shoot from behind the smile,
And I smile,
As I stand, pacing, knowing that the truth,
What ever you and I and they need to believe,
Is there somewhere,
Waiting to be freed into a new prison,
Where your strength is better understood and you words,
And your life,

Sometimes we have to ask questions that we know the answers to in order to allow someone to lie to themselves and lie to everyone else until they hear themselves, see their own words and feel that they are better served by another way of being. I definitely love aspects of my job, yet seeing just how much us humans lie to ourselves and others definitely has an impact on my professional outlook especially as my goals is to remain in belief and accept mode no matter what. Niave, no, I simply believe in a deeper process that can only happen within us. Change.

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One Comment on “Not sure ….”

  1. Truth: illustrated. Love it!x

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