Where were you?

There is no silence,
Peace can only be found faintly,
Deep within,

Covers to the neck,
Murmurings of discontent,
The buzz of broken promises over head as sleep searches to find this shell
And the search continues,
‘Till it is called off by the  morning light
And the pull on my arm
And the eyes that watch with faux care and concern
Though it could be real…
That’s not the point,
I’m here
Through these hours of holding true
Through the songs sung from all around me
Of loss, of joy and hope, of madness, of dissatisfaction,
Of pain…and the murmurings,
Constant murmurings as if contained in the air itself,
Of discontent and longing,
I’m here by choice, I’m told
Damn right by choice,
Of those who removed mine,
By those informing me of my own choice that I did not make.
So this is where I find my now moments being lived in waste,
And though you were here,
Loving and listening and being
You and me,
Now I’m me and
Where are you?

Your words sit with me,
A child staring up at the moon,
Asking why it did not show its face in the daytime,
The sand asking the sea why it continually pulls away,
Why it builds and destructs time and time again,
I taste your words and my eyes water,
From a depth akin to your peace’s place,
Yet my words and my actions stand,
One in front of the mirror,
One behind,
Separated, yet connected by time, space and hope.
I open my mouth and though my heart wills,
You are no longer here or there to hear my words,
That is what I say to excuse my silence now,
Yet what about then?
I have only the answer that forces me to swallow,
I did not show up,
I failed,
I believed in others,
In barriers,
In love lost and burnt bridges,
In an uncrossable river,
Yet again I say I failed,
As simple as a child’s faith,
I did not fight to be there,
While the music of your soul,
Mixed with the strangling hands
Of sick bed moans,
I drowned out all melodies of thought with my own pain
And reasoning and flawed thinking,
As a dark cloud blots the sun from faces and eyes,
Hearts remain aware if all, through ears, through sight, beyond sight
I now live again,
Where you where,
Asking where are you?
Receiving the same response I gave you,
I am not here to hear nor answer,
For I am not here.

I’m Sorry,
                 It’s Ok,
                 I know,
I’m so sorry,
                 I have fingers and hands,
                 Your phone neither rang nor vibrated,
That’s true,
                 Your ears never heard my questions,
                 Your situation and pains and content never probed
Yes, your ears would have been useful,
Your mind sharp till you slept, helpful,
                 So we ask the same question,
        Where were you?
         Where were you?
And get the same answer.

There is no silence,
Peace can only be found faintly,
Deep within,
As the silence the heart hears
When it longs for the connecting vibration of another soul.

With Love, And Peace
Till the days end
And eyes that saw meet eyes that see
And with Joy embrace again.

Simon D. Bucknor

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2 Comments on “Where were you?”

  1. This poem is very deep.Profundity of thought is being reflected throughout the poem.Simply great job:)

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