You walk away
Insults aimed at the back of your head
Not caring how it hits, hurts, scars or breaks you
Because if you Love me it won’t matter
If you Love me then you’ll show me with hugs and time and more attention than I’ve ever had.


We are human,
We are impacted by others,
But if we cannot control how we respond,
Especially to those who have no thing to do with our hurt,
We will end up alone,
Angry with person after person for leaving,
Spouting nonsense about them,
Ignoring that sometimes we push people away without knowing or wanting to,
Maybe it’s just our coldness at the end of a long day,
Maybe it’s our lack of trust,
Maybe it’s far too much demanding and not enough accepting,
Maybe it’s simply that we don’t realise when its us doing the pushing away,
When all they want to do is be close and be free from harm,
Is that too much to ask,
One human heart and soul to another?

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