Drifting In My Thoughts

In moments like this
I find myself floating
In a whirlpool of thoughts
Reaching, searching, yearning
For a way back to you
For a way to bring you back
To this place where I used to live
Now simply reside, a little lost
If I’m true
Within without hope
That I don’t believe in
That I’ll see your face again
And feel your hold
Take my breath away
As you squeeze sadness from my heart
And pour in whatever my soul needs
Somehow you just know.

I remember you
I hear your voice
Though it’s losing you
The you I die for a lil more every day,
And becoming a voice that I’ve given you
The admittance tears
The corners of my souls heart
Deeper and deeper
Yet it’s all I have
That voice and the you I see
When I close my eyes
The comforting shoulder
My heads home in times of despair

I smile
Laugh a little
Tears rise
Only to fall
For all these words
Mean so little
You’re gone
Im not
Im here
With me
As one
Amongst the touches
Of many
And I want to be with you,
Yes to every request,
Real. True. You. Us.
As one.
Till the wind is wet
And the sea blows through the trees.
As one.

To understand is to go beyond love

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