Certainly, It Was

A delight,
A momentary insertion of bliss,
Into a space that glistened
To the eye,
Warmed the green eyes
That looked from a distance
With intentions and desire visible,
Yet in truth,
In now, in the real only-time-that-ever-exists,
As you stand close and stretch out your hands to experience the warmth….
Stone cold to the touch,
And disbelief
Births a sadness that won’t last for long,
But one that will be felt and remembered with a heavy disdain,
Yes, Nooooooo,
Now it makes sense,

The sleep filled nights,
The talks that began and ended in the same time frame,
The unrequited longing,
The unrequited reverence,
The distance between just another one,
The one like no other,
Is silent arguing that brings tears to the soul,
Distance where there was once a need to be inseparable,
But it makes sense,
Erases the confusion
Leaving just the bad taste of life unwanted,
Swallowed because I cannot see where to scythe n dispatch the unwanted cud and fat,
From this that could be the fulfillment of a lifetimes prayers n hopes.


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