About Simon Bucknor

I love writing.

I Release Me is a place where my thoughts, words and sometimes my secrets are freed. You could say it’s a sociological expermiment in which I will be pushing the boundaries of my existing theories on secrecy and how in is impact by having a voice, thoughts, feelings, emotions and a place to express them freely with fear of negative consequences…..but it’s not.

It’s a blog!

I will be putting up pieces of work for various reasons. Sometimes it will be to hear the comments from readers, sometimes it will be because I had nowhere else to write it, soemtimes it will be because I thought this was the best place to  air it and the list of reasons go on – please feel free to leave comments on anything you see here.

I am new to blogging so I’m excited to see what the possibilities will be when I Release Me.

There is so much more that I could say about me but I would rather just write (not about me hehehehe).

Thanks for reading me – I love the love.

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