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Uncaged Birdsong

March 31, 2017

I find no accord of body, spirit


With the uncaged bird that sits and sings

As the cage’s door swings gently on a melody from within.


Fly, for your wings were made for this

Free yourself, for you were born reside where chains cannot hold you

Venture, journey, explore,


Be alive,

Correct the days your choices were relieved of their powers

And your powers were displayed as nothing more than a blueprint

Of a thing not yet created

Be, what you were designed to be

And leave your cage!



August 23, 2016

Kiss me please

Hold me

Breathe on me

I don’t care how

Just let me know I’m really here. 

This pain answers 

And I wish it didn’t.


August 23, 2016




Blood spilled

Heart ache

In here




Certainly, It Was

July 19, 2016

A delight,
A momentary insertion of bliss,
Into a space that glistened
To the eye,
Warmed the green eyes
That looked from a distance
With intentions and desire visible,
Yet in truth,
In now, in the real only-time-that-ever-exists,
As you stand close and stretch out your hands to experience the warmth….
Stone cold to the touch,
And disbelief
Births a sadness that won’t last for long,
But one that will be felt and remembered with a heavy disdain,
Yes, Nooooooo,
Now it makes sense,

The sleep filled nights,
The talks that began and ended in the same time frame,
The unrequited longing,
The unrequited reverence,
The distance between just another one,
The one like no other,
Is silent arguing that brings tears to the soul,
Distance where there was once a need to be inseparable,
But it makes sense,
Erases the confusion
Leaving just the bad taste of life unwanted,
Swallowed because I cannot see where to scythe n dispatch the unwanted cud and fat,
From this that could be the fulfillment of a lifetimes prayers n hopes.


For the title

May 30, 2016

So close
Touching, within your reach
Adjust your feet,
Stretch and will and believe
What wasnt, now can be
Smile and see.

So close
Just be real
As waves flow
And sunsets come and go

The whole truth
No matter what
Love me with it
Trust me with it
Let it fill the cracks
We are
So close to having it all

But not without the whole truth
Resistant to our needs
It must stand true

For without it
If you are
Then I am
Eye for an eye the whole world is blind
Yet content
Even if temporarily
So the choice is yours

The future or the past
That never seems to be the past
Record breaking
Heart draining
Future erasing
So close
I am,
Yours if you can be real.

If… is broken

April 14, 2016

I would douse the flames
And out the fire

I will fix the problems
And things will be ok

I will continue this

Is broken.

Is flawed.

Is not where I want to live.

For it is nowhere near where my soul stands
Where contenment lives
Where my path travels
And my peace is.

No If…
I do not want your shaky
For they are not
And they are manic
And they frantically change
Without the wind.

Is broken.

I am not.

Drifting In My Thoughts

March 30, 2016

In moments like this
I find myself floating
In a whirlpool of thoughts
Reaching, searching, yearning
For a way back to you
For a way to bring you back
To this place where I used to live
Now simply reside, a little lost
If I’m true
Within without hope
That I don’t believe in
That I’ll see your face again
And feel your hold
Take my breath away
As you squeeze sadness from my heart
And pour in whatever my soul needs
Somehow you just know.

I remember you
I hear your voice
Though it’s losing you
The you I die for a lil more every day,
And becoming a voice that I’ve given you
The admittance tears
The corners of my souls heart
Deeper and deeper
Yet it’s all I have
That voice and the you I see
When I close my eyes
The comforting shoulder
My heads home in times of despair

I smile
Laugh a little
Tears rise
Only to fall
For all these words
Mean so little
You’re gone
Im not
Im here
With me
As one
Amongst the touches
Of many
And I want to be with you,
Yes to every request,
Real. True. You. Us.
As one.
Till the wind is wet
And the sea blows through the trees.
As one.

To understand is to go beyond love