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Growth is Key

December 6, 2011

Branching  out is something that is on my mind right now, in so many ways.

The truth behind the words

Branching Out is not just about taking over..

Branching out (or Reaching out or whatever term you prefer to use) in terms of growing and diversifying, in terms of using ‘I Release Me’ to do just that and not just poetry verse, in terms of enlarge my territory, in terms of my diet ventures, in terms of all I am and everything I am doing.

It is going to be a very interesting period as it seems in this very moment, the majority of the western democratic world is attempting to do the same thing…No not branching out, but tightening their belts and reaching out a whole let less. When, in my humble view, that’s the worst thing we could do. It makes total sense to me that actions made in fear, because of fear, dripping in fear like a soggy oil lade banana fritter from a grimy Chinese restaurant are FLAWED like a cheap diamond!

My current hope is that we can begin see just a little more reaching out in every community across society – from London to L.A, From Milton Keynes to Marrakech, from those who can have the ability to really reach out with purpose, with powerful and enduring arms and hearts that can bring about impacting outcomes. And really show how  what I consider to be an unerring fact ……. true humanity is point-blank un-defeatable, not by inept politicians, not by economic or emotional depression, not by a credit-crunch and definitely not by the fear of lack or a fear of what tomorrow may bring.

Growth is Key, TRUE – It is also true that to grow, we must Reach Out. I know there is a season for everything, a time for every action to take place, I just hope that especially as the holiday season draws in, we can see a little more Reaching Out by all – from prince to pauper because it doesn’t take much and has nothing to do with finance. Smile at a stranger and then do the unthinkable…talk to them for 10 seconds – say anything, Check on someone you know needs checking on, call your friend and let them know you were thinking of them, End a feud with a colleague, bring to an end a relationship that just isn’t working (don’t blame anyone, even if they deserve it), be honest with yourself and talk to someone about how often you cry in the dark – Do anything that  grows your world because GROWTH IS KEY.

My reaching out is a simple as this – I am going to write something about my thought, just to release it so it can be as powerful as it desires to be. I Release Me and hope that it encourages someone to do something, to release a little of themselves – Reach Out.

Simon D. Bucknor

The Charity of Good Men

January 16, 2011

When charity begins, where will the taking stop?

Have you ever put yourself in a position where, even though you know you are doing the right thing, for the right reasons, it causes every millilitre of blood inside to you boil almost uncontrollably?

He rose and went, willingly though with trepidation, to the dock. To stand before a guilty judge knowing, beyond possible sway, the standard of his own innocence. Believing that justice and righteousness had their eyes closed and ears focused on someone else’s prayers. Yet, times likes these called for measures like these or the accepted walk into times unlike these. It wasn’t fear that kept him in the region. He was brave yet bravery meant little today and would mean less tomorrow, for the truth had not set him free. Why was he here? This region had had as many droughts as full harvests and his eyes longed to see the seas of the east and the shores at the base of the southern cliffs. It was, simply put, just the thing that was closest to right thing to do.

He would have to bear the punishment handed out and his heart would have to accept that righteousness is a burden heavier than all others. It requests silence and reservation in times when one has all rights to stamp and shout, calm when the winds of rage blow strong and urge change. He was a convict now and the story will show that justice was done. Only he will know what is written between the lines and that will have to satisfy.

“Guilty” Croaking was all that was heard, it was enough.

Immediate unbearable heat raced through every limb, his heart thumped and struggled against his ribs as if seeking existence beyond this fabrication.
His lips were moving, “I throw myself on the mercy of the court and accept my fate for I have done wrong and deserve…” he was aware he was still talking his way into his coffin yet he could no longer listen.

Time ceased. Silence fell. Frozen, he watched the room erupt and in their eyes he saw that he had lived his last day.