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February 15, 2016




Shut down


Let Go




Uncared for





Worn out




Too used to this madness

Not alone but very alone



Did I do all this to myself

With the touch that so many desire

Did I cause myself to stand by the rivers bank

In the midst of the flood

And expect my feet to remain on solid ground

As mud slides from beneath the concreted street

Falling away leaving devastation



I thought space was a blessing,

A high value commodity,

Yet I stand in Space,

Not alone but alone

In awkward silence, smiles and a muddle happiness

Wondering how ‘Wait’ – one word, with so little to it,

Has meant so much.



The Ripple Between Two Waves

July 23, 2015


A man stands
Too close the edge,
Where there is no barrier between him and the water,
The water is muddy,
Too muddy to see any thing but muddy water,
It’s true, if he were to slip or fall or purposely step forward,
That man would be gone from sight,
In seconds not minutes.

Yet A man stands,
Staring into the murky muddied waters,
And silently speaks to himself.

I watch this man,
With intrigue and a certain excitement,
And fear and sadness,
For he is living his life,
And for this moment I have joined him,
Living his life,
While mine treads water in the air next to where i stand.

As I watch him and think this thought,
I notice one singular ripple,
That bobbed with no sound,
Between two waves among a million waves,
In the murky muddied waters,
And it felt that fpr that moment,
That tiny insignificant ripple,
That ripple lived so briefly between two waves,
Was everything i ever wanted and desire and loved,
And for this moment I have joined it,
Living its life,
While mine treads water in the air next to where I stand.

So in the space of I dont know,
For time became so irrelevant,
I lived 3 lives that made me feel alive in such different ways.

When I looked, the man was gone,
To where,
I did not know or see.

When I looked, the ripple was gone,
To where,
I did not know or see.

Yet now,
A man still stands,
Too close the edge,
Drawn in by the lives he lived,
Seeking life of a vanished man,
And a disappeared ripple that lived between two waves, among a million waves,
Where it was too muddy to see any thing but murky muddied water,
It’s true, if he were to slip or fall or purposely step forward.

Pondering lives lived and lives to live.
Watching the insignificant become take on meaning,
As those who touch us walk in and out of the life we know,
To where,
We do not see or know.



July 28, 2012

My name rings out with every step

Yet my lips are closed and my smile reigns

I glow with a brilliance delivered to the world with every step,

Yet words are unspoken,

My eyes show you a world of revealed mystery

In silence that holds you close,

For I know who I am,

I am adorned with my dreams and my drive,

My flag, my raised standard, waving in the still breeze, my skin,

And I will turn to attention for nothing less than my name being announced,

With pride, passion and honour,

For that i will arise and enter into your world,

Until then I am alive and ablaze in a world where I know my worth,

My name, my soul, my heart, my heritage,

My history, my family, my hopes, my passion,

I shine with the knowledge of who I am,

That is what you see when you are arrested by the power of my spirit as I pass you,

As you see me,

Mention me in conversation,

Read my heart in black and white,

Hear soul sweet melodies floating from my fingers,

Simply because I know the power of knowing who I am,

I shine

Untitled (Suggestions Welcome)

January 16, 2011

Who wins,

These wars between

Bloodied souls?

Between hating hearts and those,

Of no hatred at all?


Screamed by whisperers unseen,

Warmongering mongrels.

Sharpened tongues,

Splice hearts and minds,


Lovers brutalized by the invasion,

Feral beasts ravage

Unprotected boundaries,

Connections savaged,

In search of witnessed destruction,

By name: Victory.

For what?

Who wins these wars

Of bloodied souls?

Fought for reasons unclear,

Phantasmal riches,

Momentary insolvency of a sound mind,

Secrets confided betrayed, reduced to


Misuse, alive to spread as wildfire,

Abuse, born and reborn,

Echoed and repeated…


© Simon Bucknor

(A snippet taken from an untitled piece from ‘When Cold Air Rises’ and selected poems) due for release first quarter 2011

Any ideas for a title are welcome – I have about 7 at the minute LOL


Recipe for peace

January 5, 2011

Step 1
Take one minute and allow time to think
Of how so many lives, as ships have begun to sink
Allow your mind to see ways forward
Don’t worry about the obstacles and please don’t be cautious
Take your thoughts and allow them to simmer
Allow a tear to drop silently for every life that’s light has become dimmer
Mix ‘tear’ and ‘thoughts’ with ‘a plan’
And leave to stand
You will now it is ready when it resembles a strong message.

Step 2
Take ‘jump’, ‘into’ & ‘action’, and mix
Shape mixture into bite-sized pieces and put to one side

Step 3
Take one man or woman and open their mouth
Put in it the bite-sized ‘action’ pieces and the prepared strong message, but do not close
You will need their mouth open for them to take it to both the north and the south

Step 4
Repeat steps 1 – 3 until Peace begins rising.

The Last Time I Fell In Love

May 9, 2010

Have you ever booked an appointment,

To hear the wind blow?

I have,

I had to book online and await a reply,

I felt like a fool, but the thought was fun,

So I waited and waited for my reply to come.

To my surprise, I did and it did too,

‘Your appointment has been confirmed,

Please enjoy’,

I had a time, date and venue,

Along with a health and safety brief,

Was told what to bring,

And what I wouldn’t need.

Excitement hit me hard and fast,

Like a baseball in the chest,

I prepared myself for days that felt like years,

Patiently waiting,

And with waiting my time soon arrived.

I turned up at an office,

Which looked to me much like open space,

I had been told to sit in the shadow of the brightest tree

And try to lose my weight,

Confused, just a touch,

I sat, sunk, leaned back and rested my weary frame.

As if from inside my own soul,

The sky opened and called my name.

It said, ‘The wind will be with you shortly,

Please do not be alarmed

Enjoy your experience,

Any problems simply raise your arm’

With that there was an enjoyable silence,

As if the world’s spinning had stopped,

The wind blew and I heard,

Each undulating ripple, every majestic movement,

I heard and it comforted me,

Bringing with it sounds of the near and far east,

And the song of the sparrows nesting in the trees,

It was a beautifully full moment.


My appointment was over,

The wind moved on to its next client,

And as I rose to my feet

With a replenished peace and a new found infatuation with the wind,

Life’s other sounds engulfed me,

The screams, the cries, the ills, the dreams crushed by misguided realties,

I trudged home with this din seeking a home in me,

And booked another appointment to hear the wind blow

So I can retake my place with my new love in the shadow of the brightest tree.

Butterflies in my Tummy

March 23, 2010

I saw a woman

Who made my heart beat out of time, hard

She must have heard the fumbling beat

It seemed she knew I was looking and thinking

She smiled at me, as if she read my impure thoughts

I tried and tried and twisted inside,

Made my eyes eventually turn away

I hid all I could hide

But she had seen my gazes

And begun her journey that ended with her hand in mine

My feet filling my cheeks, my speech only in thought

Her scent wrapped me in a summer’s day

Feeling a gooey warmth inside

As if I had swallowed the sun

Becoming all it was

I was in life with love,

Encouraging my own confusion,

Enthused without regard for possiblities or consequence

Alive, awakened by the dedication of beauty

All else had been erased, or covered over entirely

I had been touched in ways…I dont intend to divulge

By a view of a woman the likes of which I had not viewed before

Who has made my life a lovely place to live

As long as I never let this moment pass

And watch her walk away.

© Simon Bucknor