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Growth is Key

December 6, 2011

Branching  out is something that is on my mind right now, in so many ways.

The truth behind the words

Branching Out is not just about taking over..

Branching out (or Reaching out or whatever term you prefer to use) in terms of growing and diversifying, in terms of using ‘I Release Me’ to do just that and not just poetry verse, in terms of enlarge my territory, in terms of my diet ventures, in terms of all I am and everything I am doing.

It is going to be a very interesting period as it seems in this very moment, the majority of the western democratic world is attempting to do the same thing…No not branching out, but tightening their belts and reaching out a whole let less. When, in my humble view, that’s the worst thing we could do. It makes total sense to me that actions made in fear, because of fear, dripping in fear like a soggy oil lade banana fritter from a grimy Chinese restaurant are FLAWED like a cheap diamond!

My current hope is that we can begin see just a little more reaching out in every community across society – from London to L.A, From Milton Keynes to Marrakech, from those who can have the ability to really reach out with purpose, with powerful and enduring arms and hearts that can bring about impacting outcomes. And really show how  what I consider to be an unerring fact ……. true humanity is point-blank un-defeatable, not by inept politicians, not by economic or emotional depression, not by a credit-crunch and definitely not by the fear of lack or a fear of what tomorrow may bring.

Growth is Key, TRUE – It is also true that to grow, we must Reach Out. I know there is a season for everything, a time for every action to take place, I just hope that especially as the holiday season draws in, we can see a little more Reaching Out by all – from prince to pauper because it doesn’t take much and has nothing to do with finance. Smile at a stranger and then do the unthinkable…talk to them for 10 seconds – say anything, Check on someone you know needs checking on, call your friend and let them know you were thinking of them, End a feud with a colleague, bring to an end a relationship that just isn’t working (don’t blame anyone, even if they deserve it), be honest with yourself and talk to someone about how often you cry in the dark – Do anything that  grows your world because GROWTH IS KEY.

My reaching out is a simple as this – I am going to write something about my thought, just to release it so it can be as powerful as it desires to be. I Release Me and hope that it encourages someone to do something, to release a little of themselves – Reach Out.

Simon D. Bucknor


Staring Out To Sea

February 25, 2010

I exist on an island,

Standing on the shore staring out to sea.

My gaze yearns to excite,

With the sight of an exit in which my heart’s hopes can believe.

Who can I run to?

Where can I turn?

Who can withstand the heat?

Feels like my attempts cause all bridges to spontaneously burn.

Where can I go,

To get what I need?

How can I fool my tongue,

So it’s unparalleled power it believes?

Where can I be heard?

Where can I be helped?

Who can I really run to?

‘Cos my story I’m desperate to tell.

Whose ears work the best?

Who’s linked their ears to a caring heart?

Where can I go to mend myself?

Can I battle the feeling that it’s too late to start?

I’ve tried so many times,

I reach out but see only my own hand

Who’s going to be there to meet me?

When I step off my insular island

I cannot continue to try and fail,

To speak into ears that don’t show they hear,

To reach out and find that still no one’s there,

Increasingly feeling that no one truly cares.

But I will remain set on my question mark and be led by my eyes,

Their movement I feel within me and without, they’re still searching,

My heart and head redundant, tired, spent

Somewhere there must be a place where my hurt can find the beginning of its end.

When I find that person, when I find that place,

When I find that moment, that feeling, that no pain can chase away,

This Island that I stand on the shore of will be an immediate fading memory,

And I will raise my sails, ride the waves and enjoy the prevailing winds of change.

© Simon Bucknor

Short Phrases

February 18, 2010

Yesterday was a day of thoughts,
And many thoughts were born yesterday,
I spent hours walking and listening,
Being nosey,
Finely tuned in to the lives of others,
Or at least the lives that others speak about,
Just listening,
Walking and trying to be invisible.

I heard many many words
It seemed that so many people
Had so much to say
With no one to listen to their rants,
Their cries,
Their needs, hopes and dreams,
Every mind had its own dissertation on life,

What hit me hardest,
And has stayed with me,
Just beneath my skin
Causing irritation
However slight, it is irritation,
That I cannot shake off,
Was that the fullness of emotion,
The aches of heart and soul and midnight dreams
Could so easily be summed up
In the shortest of phrases.

In these short phrases I found the truth of the situation.
In these shortest phrases I found the tears and the smiles,
It was in these shortest phrases I found the reason for their speech.
The phrases started with ‘I’
And ended with an action,
Whether it was a frown,
A gasp,

A sudden pushing out of the air that builds up in us

When we become frustrated,

No matter what it was,

There was an action that said “It’s ok, enough words have been said.”

And in between the ‘I’ and the action of release,
Was the problem at its simplest.

In these short phrases people spoke of emotions,
Of hurt,
Of joy,
Of pleasures,
Of depression,
Of failures and unmet expectations,
But I was hit by the shortness of theses phrases
Yet they were the most powerful.

So I am now thinking of what my short phrase would be,

To end this explanation of my yesterday,

And the thoughts that yesterday parented.
I have heard the power of short phrases,
And as I find myself involuntarily nodding my head in agreement with these words,
I realise that my phrase is already complete,
And no more words need to be said.

© Simon D. Bucknor


Talk To Me

January 25, 2010

Words spoken in the distance.

For the sake,

Of the children,

For the sake,

Of sanity,

For the lover in me,

To connect with the lover in you.

Talk to me,

Lessen your load,

Let’s have a conversation ,

There are so many stories yet untold.

Overheard words

Create pathways to distress,

Like a tired driver wearily on his way home,

The head falls towards the chest,

Abruptly things stop,

Despite the safety in place,

The journey has already been set

Distances between home and heart,

Create pathways to distress.

Words spoken in the distance,


Hour long conversations,

Given depth by content and time,

Filled with laughter and agreement,

With everyone’s ears but mine?

My ears crave the movement of your lips,

In their direction,

Offering aid, distributing a foreigner’s relief.

It appears I am no longer self-sufficient,

Instead, I live only to need, to thirst,

The you that is a hidden spring,

Your words, a thundering waterfall,

Quenching the drought ridden badlands within.

I question myself with each tick of time,

What is so wrong with the ‘I’ that I have become?

Where are the fault lines,

That prevent foundations from being built?

Where is the coastline that is being eroded away,

With no hope of survival or saviour?

Show me the scars, signposts of the removal of the qualities,

You no longer can find in me.

Show me your reasons.

Give me the understanding of your sufferings.

Talk to me. (repeat for performance)

Look at me!

These words I speak.

Words spoken in the distance,


Now, not only by me

With a tearing soul

And tears in my eyes,

From still rivers which run deep,

Talk to me.

© Simon Bucknor

Simple Foolish Wishes

January 25, 2010

Van Gogh had the right idea,

O how I wish for deafness,

Not to be confused with silence,

So that words evoked by the passions of this world

Pass me by


In a state of peaceful remorse,

In communication with my lord.

© Simon Bucknor