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Short Phrases

February 18, 2010

Yesterday was a day of thoughts,
And many thoughts were born yesterday,
I spent hours walking and listening,
Being nosey,
Finely tuned in to the lives of others,
Or at least the lives that others speak about,
Just listening,
Walking and trying to be invisible.

I heard many many words
It seemed that so many people
Had so much to say
With no one to listen to their rants,
Their cries,
Their needs, hopes and dreams,
Every mind had its own dissertation on life,

What hit me hardest,
And has stayed with me,
Just beneath my skin
Causing irritation
However slight, it is irritation,
That I cannot shake off,
Was that the fullness of emotion,
The aches of heart and soul and midnight dreams
Could so easily be summed up
In the shortest of phrases.

In these short phrases I found the truth of the situation.
In these shortest phrases I found the tears and the smiles,
It was in these shortest phrases I found the reason for their speech.
The phrases started with ‘I’
And ended with an action,
Whether it was a frown,
A gasp,

A sudden pushing out of the air that builds up in us

When we become frustrated,

No matter what it was,

There was an action that said “It’s ok, enough words have been said.”

And in between the ‘I’ and the action of release,
Was the problem at its simplest.

In these short phrases people spoke of emotions,
Of hurt,
Of joy,
Of pleasures,
Of depression,
Of failures and unmet expectations,
But I was hit by the shortness of theses phrases
Yet they were the most powerful.

So I am now thinking of what my short phrase would be,

To end this explanation of my yesterday,

And the thoughts that yesterday parented.
I have heard the power of short phrases,
And as I find myself involuntarily nodding my head in agreement with these words,
I realise that my phrase is already complete,
And no more words need to be said.

© Simon D. Bucknor